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Terms & Conditions

Customer Care

Customer Care is key to our studio and everything we do; after all, it's all for you! Keeping you happy keeps business in tip-top shape.

If you ever have a question or concern, we urge you to submit them by email (rather than social media) so it can best be seen. We respond within a few hours, often minutes. Emails are checked weekdays from 10am to 10pm.

We may, though not guaranteed, make ammendments to our policies (Privacy, Shipping, etc.) at any given time to best serve you. Please note that you are fully responsible in providing as much detail as possible, including confirmation emails, when dealing with a purchase.

Privacy & Safety

All personal information submitted on this site remains on the site and is not sold or distributed in any way to any third parties except during your choice of payment, in which case it is shared with the banking option you choose. After a purchase or website submission/sign-up, your information is only used for emails directly from the site and its admins, or on your shipping labels or updates.

Your info is used when checking out (banking) to verify payment and contact you after your purchase was completed successfully.

Your privacy is of the highest importance, and we strive to keep everything secure and within the site only unless deleted by a site admin or yourself.

Wholesale Inquiries

Several of our publications are available at a discount when you order an average of 25 items or more, as either fulfilled by the studio or one of our vendors. The discounts vary, may change, and are not always guaranteed.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

Copyright and Use

Everything on this site is the property of the studio and may not be used in any fashion without the direct written approval from a representative. A cease and desist is our first course of action when we notice any duplicates, visual, audio, or otherwise from this site used without permission. Licensing is available upon contact, as well as advertising rights.


If we choose to publish anything you submit for a publication (which is not guaranteed), you agree that we assume ownership over that content unless copyright is already previously held, in which case it is considered a license. If you do not submit a name or names with the content, one will not be attached within the publication. You agree all content you submit is yours or used with full permission.

These terms may change without notice at our discretion.

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