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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

Our products are shipped within two days of production/purchase.

Our paperback comics and publications are shipped through either USPS* or Amazon. Our single issues comics and magazines are shipped through either USPS* or Canada Post.

We are not to be held responsible if an item is damaged or missing after it leaves the studio and the issue has occured en route, in which case the issue should be addressed with the carrier.

*USPS ships whenever a product is sold through Indy Planet, our old book publisher who still supplies those titles.

Return & Exchange Policy

We offer returns on products that arrive which you did not order, or an order has been misplaced at the studio. The order can be returned by wither FedEx, Canada Post, or UPS to ensure it is delivered to the studio. We will not refund items broken or damaged after they have arrived at any time, or no longer needed/wanted after they have arrived and 24 hours has passed.

Digital returns should be fulfilled with the digital supplier, such as Amazon. We are not responsible for discrepancies with a digital product after it has been purchased.

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