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About Tanner F. Riche

   Hi there! My name is Tanner F. Riche. I am a Canadian published author and cartoonist. My major comic strip/book is titled 'Tanner and Casey,' which I've been developing since 2007. This has appeared in books, newspapers, and on the web. I also find myself working on a lot of short films, documentaries, shows, and animations. All that junk can be found here on the site on their pages.
   I also write a bit; please click "Buy My Books"! 'Howler Shack' and 'Scaring Charlotte County' have just been released as paperback and are receiving great reviews. I'm working on a hardcover expanded version of 'Howler Shack' and a poetry book at this very moment.
   You just might catch me on CHCOtv for which I volunteer as a news anchor, PA, and soon-to-be host. You may also see my name/comic most frequently in 'The Saint Croix Courier.'
   Don't forget to watch all the latest things and read 'Tanner and Casey' on its official site. Please do contact me if you have any questions or comments.




Bachelor of Arts

University of New Brunswick

Studying and hard work (and lots of coffee) paid off! I now have a BA with a double major in English and Film, with a focus on film production. This offers me all sorts of new storytelling tools.


Magazine: Deer Island Times

Newspaper: NBI
Reporting: Saint Croix Courier

Television: CHCOtv

Over the years I've had the enormous privilege of working on some great projects. I've been editing my magazine, Deer Island Times, since 2018, and have also done journalism and television production work.

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